Interested In Joining EXP Realty?

How about the option to join under Ricky Carruth nationally, and Stone's Edge Team Locally. 

EXP Offers:

  • Low Splits with Cap ($16,000 Cap)
  • Cloud Training and Support 
  • Agent Equity Program (Discounted Stock Purchases and Stock Awards)
  • Revenue Share (Revenue from other agents you bring to EXP)

You can join our group anywhere in the world, and never pay a team split (unless you join Stone's Edge Team directly).  Nick (Team Owner/Leader) is licensed in the following states:

EXP Realty South Carolina

EXP Realty North Carolina

and Soon 

EXP Realty Georgia

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Interested In Joining EXP Realty?

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Schedule time with Nick today to talk more about EXP Realty, and The Ricky Carruth Diamond Group.  Nick will get you on the phone with Ricky, either at the time of your call or at the next available time for all parties.

Ricky has a once monthly zoom meeting as well don't forget to ask Nick for that link when you have your zoom meeting!

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